The Bridal Party & Color Pallet

Well here we are again you’ve decided where you want to get married and you’ve set a date, you might even have your dress already. Now whats next? Time to get down to picking the people you want to be in your wedding party and the color pallet your going to base your wedding on

Here’s a little history on bridal parties… I know you going to not only get some awesome insight from me and get a little bit of a history lesson?! Well bridal parties have a been around since Ancient Roman times where the law required 10 witnesses to be present at the wedding. These people also dresses exactly like the bride and the groom in order to confuse and ward off evil spirits who might try to harm the newlyweds. Also instead of a bouquet of flowers the bridesmaids would walk down the aisle carrying garlic, herbs, and grains in order to again drive away any evil spirits but honestly I just think they did it because back in those times showing and hygiene was not really an important part of life. But what do I know! One more fun fact, the best man in gothic times was considered the best for the job of stealing the bride from either another suitor or a disapproving family, he was usually the best swordsman in the town. Pretty neat huh? (Find out more fun facts about bridal parties here: )

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.33.14 PM

Picking you wedding party is like picking teams for basketball in gym class, you always pick want to pick your favorite people first then the rest kind of fall into place. Ok that was a real bad analogy I realize this but give me a break its only Wednesday. The average number of people that are in a wedding party is 5-10 attendants standing up, I feel like if you going overboard if you have more than 8 but then again I don’t have many friends.

When picking the bridal party usually siblings are the first ones you add to this list, then comes best friends or people you have had in your life for a long time, then you fill in the rest by adding other family members like cousins. Now you might be thinking like I was, “I don’t have that many friends to fill a wedding party what do I do!?” Well never fear because in todays society nothing is traditional anymore and you can really do whatever you want. I have seen it all from guys being “bridesmaids”, only have two or three people on your side when your fiancé has about 6, I have even seen grandmothers being part of the bridal party as well as out canine friends. What I did was incorporate a lot of family, I only have about two close friends and Anthony could have easily has 10 guys as groomsman (Mr. Social Butterfly right there), so then I filled in the rest with cousins. Do what you want! What your comfortable with! This is your wedding you make the rules!

Now the next questions is how do you “propose” to them that you want them to be in your bridal party? Yes you read that right, in todays wedding society you have to propose to your wedding party and ask them to be a part of your wedding. It can be as simple as a ring pop in a box, which is what I did, or it can be as extravagant as a whole box of goodies asking them to be in your wedding. Again Pinterest will be your best friend on this one, there are so many ideas on what to do feel free to mix it up and do your own thing though! These people will be honored to be asked in the first place, well you hope, this is the fun before you get to the craziness of the in depth planning.


A wedding usually has a theme as any party does, and the theme usually coordinates with the color pallet you choose for your wedding. This is where Pinterest plays a big role in your wedding planning, so go crazy! Put a bunch of color options together and bounce them off of your best friend (usually your maid of honor) and your fiancé. Also do not take it to heart if your fiancé has no interest in wedding colors, usually they are not too heavily involved with these kinds of things. 

Another thing that you need to consider with your color choices are the time of year you are having your wedding. Like for a summer wedding you do not want to have dark colors throughout your wedding, it might make it seem like a funeral… So now that you have a ton of color options saved on your Pinterest board its time to envision how much work it will take to actually get those colors in flowers, center pieces, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, the list goes on and on. Am I overwhelming you now?

Don’t get overwhelmed! You and your maid of honor, now that you have asked her, just get together and bounce ideas back and forth. Think of your favorite colors and how creative you can get with everything. Don’t be afraid to incorporate glitter or lace in your color choices as well. Your going to want your color choices to pop and stand out in every aspect of what you are using them in.


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