The Dress

Are you someone who has envisioned their wedding since they were a little girl? Have you envisioned almost every detail of your wedding since you started dating your fiancé? Have you envisioned the perfect dress, know exactly what you want down to the style number? Aww well thats cute, now do me a favor…GET IT OUT OF YOUR MIND! Do it! Do it now! 

Ok, I am glad we got that out of the way. Now onto some serious talk about the most important dress you will wear in your entire life. The first thing that is probably on your mind since you got engaged is your dress, and I bet your itching to get into a bridal shop now that you have the golden ticket on your left hand! You’ve got the golden ticket! You’ve got the golden ticket!

(If you don’t get the reference to this show we can’t be friends anymore, and I said show not movie!)

We have all come across the popular television show on TLC, Say Yes To The Dress and spent countless hours watching brides make mistakes on which dress they choose. You sit there in front of your television yelling at these girls who are picking a fit and flare style when the clearly looked better in the A-Line they tried on three dresses ago! Or the girl who you can see wants to break down in tears because the entourage she brought hates the ball gown she is in love with. The ones who end up finding the perfect dress on this show that is just right for them are the ones that go into the store with an open mind about what they want. Now I am not saying its a bad show its not! I love this show but you can learn a lot from it.

See this right here is what makes me want to punch people on the show!

Let me tell you about how I found my dream dress on accident, yes thats right I said on accident… I told you all I got engaged on vacation at Walt Disney World well literally a week after I got back from the best vacation of my life I wanted to go looking for a dress right away. Between that and the photographer I wanted to get started right away on both of those. My “entourage” however did not see it that way they kept telling me to wait until I have a date set. My reaction to that: I’m sorry did you just tell the bride to wait to look for the most important dress I will ever wear?

All I had for a couple months was to look on Pinterest, bridal shops websites and wedding dress designers websites. Style after style I looked at these dresses but I knew I just needed to get into a bridal shop. I finally convince my best friend and maid of honor to go to Eva’s Bridal which is one of the little local bridal shops in our town.

Before I go on with this post I want to put out a PSA about going to local bridal shops vs. big chain bridal shops. I have read reviews on both Davids Bridal and House of Brides they all say the same thing, there just sales people and they treat you like a number. I have even heard first hand from brides that did go there that the “consultants” tried to get you to buy one of the first three dresses that you tried on and that they did not seem that interested in finding the perfect dress for each girl. It is so important to go to a local shop not only to support small businesses but to also get a one on one experience with picking out your dress with the bridal consultant. Ok rant over back to the regularly scheduled programing…

So I finally got to go to what I considered the most important store ever if your a bride, a bridal shop. You could imagine my excitement when I actually got there, the woman had me fill out a form about my wedding and I am sure it is not even legible because I kept looking around at all the white and ivory. I had all my pictures of styles I wanted up to show the woman and she started pulling dresses. I tried on a few styles, ball gown, A-line, a dress that was a little bit more fitted but nothing really stuck out to me. I was frustrated after an hour and decided it was time to go, nothing was giving me the feel that this was my dress.

Fast forward to two and a half more months later where I was still a little discourages about the whole dress thing. I went to visit my other best friend Sydney in Pensacola Florida to meet the newest addition to her family that had decided to make an appearance one month prior.

(She also writes a blog check it out:

While in the sunshine state Sydney decided she wanted to take me to the place where she bought her wedding dress, The Bridal Suite Pensacola, just for fun. I know you guys can see where this is going right? Well this time I went there with a completely open mind I told the girl I tried on dresses once before and it did not really go all that well. The thing I realized there was they see brides all year long of all different shapes and sizes, these women know what there doing so trust them! Again I tried on a bunch of different styles and there was one I was starting to fall in love with but was not quite there yet


I was ready to go and then Sydney brought me one final dress telling me this was her second choice dress before she found her dress. She told me that she just wanted to see me in it and then we could go. I looked at it on the hanger and thought to myself this is not what I want at all, its so not me! Well oh was I wrong! The minute I got in that dress I felt so different, its hard to explain but I felt comfortable and like a light was shining on me. Then when I got out in front of the mirror I lost it, I could see myself walking down the aisle towards Anthony in it and tears were welling up in my eyes. This was it, this was my dress and I knew it. No matter What I had to do I was not walking out of this store without having put a deposit down on this dress.

Heres a little teaser!

The only problem was that my mom had offered to pay for my dress, and she was not there to see my try on dresses or anything…I FaceTimed her right away showing her the dress and she thought it was nice and told me to call her. It took a lot of convincing with, “no mom this is my dress I’m not going to change my mind.” Finally she agreed to put the deposit down. I walked out of there completely in shock, I never in a million years dreamed that I would have found my dress a thousand miles from where my wedding was going to take place but I did and it was all because I had an open mind. So yes call me a horrible daughter because I robbed my mom and other people in my life this important once in a lifetime experience but when you know you know.

So to all my brides out there who have in their mind of what they wanted or saved hundreds of dresses that look like what they want, delete them please. You need to have fun with this experience, just like with you fiancé you knew he was the one at some point in your relationship your going to know when your dress is the one.

*Just a little disclaimer also I came home and searched for weeks seeing if this dress was available anywhere within 50 miles of us and it wasn’t. So it was meant to be!*


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