Getting Engaged 101

Hey there girl (or guy)! Congrats your officially engaged. No more subtly hinting to your boyfriend that everyone you know is getting married or having kids. No more every time you walk past a jewelry store with your boyfriend you have to “just go in a look.” And most importantly no more saving rings to your Pinterest board for your best friend to show your boyfriend every chance they get.

IMG_3732.JPG (He really did good with all of those hints I gave him)

So now what? You’ve said yes to marrying the man of your dreams, bask in the glow of getting engaged! Sure you will have all kinds of people asking literally minutes after you have the ring on your finger, “have you set a date yet?” My advice to all newly engaged couples out there just relax and enjoy the moment, there will be plenty of time for planning.

First things first though get that ring appraised and insured! Diamonds have a mind of their own and one of those little suckers can fall out and you won’t even know (trust me it happened to me a month after I got engaged). Also if you do not know how much insurance cost on a diamond ring like that don’t fret too much it usually ranged from $20-$80 depending on how much the ring is appraised at and if you did not know (which I did not until I contacted my insurance agent) items like this that are insured get added on to property or renters insurance.

I heard on the radio that typically couples who do not set the date within six months of getting engaged are not serious about getting married. Thats ridiculous! In todays society a wedding generally costs on average between $20,000-$30,000, what kind of person can pay for that within six months?! My fiancé waited a year before setting the date, mostly because we wanted to save that money and be able to pay for it without going into debt. So to my newly engaged couples I say enjoy being just engaged, don’t fret on pressure everything will work out in time. Also enjoy that moment when you went from just a couple to an engaged couple like these.



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